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Tracking is where you get it on tape. It’s about choosing and positioning microphones and getting the best performances out of every musician. It might mean setting up a whole band and recording everyone live. It might mean turning on a click track and slowly building up layer after layer of overdubbing.

A lot of musicians are able to do some recording on their own computer. Often, however, home recordings suffer from noisy, reflective environments and harsh or dull sounding inexpensive microphones. And even excellent gear can sound awful if its not used well.

At Frog Hollow Studio we have well-conditioned, well-isolated rooms, and excellent microphones, preamps and converters, (see our gear page) and the experience needed to make them sound great. If you would like to use Frog Hollow as your source for tracking, we are excited to help you get great sounding recordings.

When we’re done tracking, you may choose to go somewhere else or stay with us for your mixing needs.

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