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The Producer makes artistic decisions about arrangements, performances, which songs should go on the album, which order they should go in. A Producer has a vision about what the album should sound like, and should be in the studio working to make that vision a reality.

Usually the artist coming to record is going to be producing or co-producing their own album. They have strong ideas about instrumentation and arrangement, and will be judging the quality of performances as they go on tape.

Sometimes, however, the artist is looking for someone to step in and take some ownership of the project: to help make artistic decisions and bring their own aesthetic to the music.

Jud has co-produced many of the albums that have come through Frog Hollow Studio. On many other projects, his role has been more strictly an engineering role. We can be as involved as you would like us to be.

Once you have a producer and a vision for the album, it’s time to start tracking.

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