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Trying to decide which songs to put on your album? Trying to decide if that third song is too long, and whether or not you should sing that in Eb instead of E? We’d love to help!

Not that we’ll force our opinions on you, but if you’d like some input, we can help. If you have questions about your songs, Jud Caswell is both a winner and a past judge of the legendary Kerrville New Folk Competition. His song “Blackberry Time” has been taught by Pat Pattison in the songwriting curriculum at Berklee College of Music. And he has offered pre-production song counseling and workshops for years.

“I consider Jud a treasured resource and often seek his counsel when wanting to deepen my own songwriting.” – Ellen Tipper

“Jud skillfully, intelligently and joyfully shares what he has learned, with the sensitivity of a great teacher – helping each songwriter to find his or her own voice.” – Tom Smith

Once your songs are ready to roll, it’s time to think about production.

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