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On-Site Recording

Peter Alexander Record If for some reason you can't get to Frog Hollow Studio, Frog Hollow can come to you! There are lots of reasons you might want to record in another space - either for the convenience of band members, the sound quality of a particular room, or the need to record an instrument that isn't portable. We've gone to chapels to record choirs, homes to record grand pianos, practice spaces to record bands, and hotels to record overdubs with traveling musicians.

The sound quality of our live rig meets the same high standards of our permanent in-studio configuration, and we are able to offer up to 4 separate headphone mixes, overdubbing, click tracks -- virutally every tool that is available in the studio. With up to 18 channels of input, on-site recording by Frog Hollow Studio is a powerful and fexible tool. Contact us to see what we can do to help you capture the best of your music!

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