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Mixing is taking separate tracks (i.e. vocals, guitars, kick, snare, keyboard) and blending them together into a single stereo file that can then be listened to via CD, mp3 or online streaming.

The mixing process involves setting the relative volume of each part, as well as shaping the equalization, adding a sense of space with reverb and delay, and controlling the dynamics with compression and limiting. There’s also a lot of arranging that can take place at the mixing stage, choosing to bring parts in and leave them out to reinforce the dramatic arc of a song.

At Frog Hollow, we mix digitally in Cakewalk Sonar using Waves plugins. Most of the mixing we do here is on projects that we have recorded here, but we are happy to work with files recorded in other DAWs. Contact us to tell us more about your project!

After mixing, the final step to a finished project is mastering. In some cases, you will want to work with a dedicated engineer for this, but in many cases we have completed all the engineering work right here at Frog Hollow.

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