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Mastering is the process of taking a bunch of separate stereo tracks (mixes) and pulling them together to make one CD. Mastering involves:

 Setting track order
 Setting track-to-track volume, so no one song is too loud or quiet
 Setting the fade-in, fade-out and silence between tracks
 Controlling the overall EQ of each track to ensure a consistent sound
 Often, mastering engineers are asked to make albums “louder.”

Serious, high-budget mastering involves hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of specialized processors, thoroughly engineered listening rooms and decades of experience. Although we don’t have the costly equipment and listening rooms of the big mastering studios we are able to provide a high quality product that to most ears is indistinguishable from what you would hear on major studio projects.

We offer attention to detail, careful listening, years of experience and some of the best mastering software that money can buy. We can give you the confidence to send your album off to the manufacturer knowing that it is going to sound great on a wide range of playback systems.

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