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Open since 2001, Frog Hollow has been proud to work with some of the best musicians in MidCoast Maine. We’ve recorded projects ranging from Native American Flute and acapella choirs to high-octane rock bands, jam bands, country and folk singer/songwriters.

Some of our projects:

  • Ale House String Band, "Affairs of Common Living" (Vintage songs with a fresh twist on guitar, mandolin and cello)
  • Paddy Mills, "Race to the Bottom," “Our Home Town” and “3 Lefts” (Groove Folk)
  • Peter Alexander, “Promised Land” (Blues and Rock)
  • Danielle Paus, “Siren Song” (Celtic Harp)
  • Lisa Redfern, "Sing Me Goodnight", "A Living Prayer" (folk/Singer/Songwriter)
  • Ruth Hill, "The River Beneath Me" (Americana)
  • Giff Jamison, "Ramone" (Blues/Singer/Songwriter)
  • Travis James Humphrey, “Cowgirl Romance” (Country/Island Rock)
  • Jud Caswell, “Blackberry Time” and “Lost & Found” (Contemporary Folk)
  • Nancy Schroeder, “The Long Road” (Celtic Harp)

We’ve done recording, mixing or mastering for Heather Hardy, Nancy Sferra, Union River Band, Voices Rising, Nat Hussey, Bill Gawley, Perpetual E-motion, Clara Bolduc, Steve Gerlach, Pete Kelleher

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