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Welcome to Frog Hollow Studio, Brunswick, Maine

Frog Hollow Studio, Brunswick, Maine, Control RoomFrog Hollow Studio is a recording studio located in Brunswick, Maine. Owned and operated by Jud Caswell since 2001, we’re here to make major-label quality available to musicians working on an indie budget.

We want your recording to be the best that it can be: inspired performances captured with pristine quality, then shaped with an artist’s touch and a perfectionist’s perseverance.

Whether you’re a solo songwriter or a rock band, we’ll help you get the recording you need to get your music on the radio, into movies and TV, streaming online, and into the hands and hearts of your fans.

What's New

Credit cards. Frog Hollow is now accepting all major credit cards! Let your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express help you get your project off the ground.

Studio construction!  In December 2013 we wrapped up a major addition to the Brunswick, Maine facilities here at Frog Hollow Studio. We've got a new super-comfy control room with non-parallel walls and enough space for the whole band to be a part of the mixing and mastering conversation.

We've also added an isolation booth for vocal or instrumental overdubbing. Having four isolated, acoustically-treated spaces lets us record 4 and 5-piece bands live. It's the best of both worlds: the energy of a live performance with the accuracy and flexibility of the studio.

Take a look at the gallery page for the before and after pictures!

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